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A discursive perspective on corporate social responsibility education

What is the role of discourses in CSR education? How discourses and their hegemonic position, permit or exclude particular conceptions of social responsibility? How can management education contribute to improving the ability of future business professionals
to transform old ways of organizing, managing and relating to their stakeholders?

The disruptive ‘other’? Exploring human-animal relations in tourism through videography

What are the potential and challenges of using video as a means to interpret and theorise on multispecies relations in tourism? How can videography contribute to better understanding the co-constructed relationship between humans and animals engaged in tourism activities?

‘Dig where you stand’: values-based co-creation through improvisation

What is the role of different stakeholders
and the knowledge and skills that they mobilize, produce, and reproduce in value co-creation in tourism? How the notion of value co-creation is intrinsically related to the values and narratives of entrepreneurs and the full range of stakeholders who are part of the co-creation process? What is the role of stakeholders in the co-creation of value associated with the idea of responsible tourism?

Promoting children-nature relations through play-based learning in ecotourism sites

How does play in ecotourism sites support children to learn “about” and “with” nature? How play-based learning can contribute to strengthening children-nature relationships? What is the role of storytelling in creating and disseminating the knowledge resulting from encounters between children and the natural world?

Developing Practice & Theory Together: Reflecting on a Tourism R&D Project in Lapland

What are the tensions and dilemmas that researchers faced when engaging in academic-practitioner collaboration? How can ethnography help researchers to co-create knowledge with practitioners? How can the everyday life of practitioners be used as the point of departure for theorizing social phenomena? 

Struggles over CSR Meanings in Teaching Practices: The Case of Hybrid PBL

How can problem-based learning (PBL) contribute to creating learning spaces that support critical reflexive practice in CSR education? How social discourses, ideologies and power relations brought into the business classroom can be used as an opportunity to promote learning dialogues and relationships that include stakeholder voices usually silenced or neglected within a CSR teaching context?

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Recent Book Chapters


Working Animals, Ethics and Critical Theory

How can the critical evaluation of our relationships with non-human animals in the workplace lead us to question not only our ethical responsibilities to those non-human creatures but also commonsensical understanding of our ethical accountability for other human beings?

Understanding performativity and embodied tourism experiences in animal-based tourism in the Arctic

How tourism experiences are lived, performed and co-created through the body? How do tourists engage with multiple stakeholders (employees, locals, animals and nature) in the creation of animal-based tourism experiences?

Co-Creating Places through Events: The Case of a Tourism Community Event in Finnish Lapland

How is place co-created through a community event? How is the co-creation of place negotiated between the different stakeholders? How does knowledge of a place shape the event? How does the meaning of the event to the community developed over time?

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